Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Free Online SoundCloud Downloader - Save Your Favorite mp3 on HDD


Go to, click the Share button, copy link of your track !
Step Two, Paste that link

Then Click DOWNLOAD Button, and that's it.. Now you have mp3 on your PC !

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Free SoundCloud downloader - save your favorite mp3 on hdd
Soundcloud Downloader for Protected Tracks
Download every song from SoundCloud
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Soundcloud downloader - Working 2013
Soundcloud Downloader - How To Download Soundcloud Songs Link Collider

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

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Thursday, 23 May 2013


Only thing you have to do is send me an Email on and Write in Subject "Soundcloud For Free" and that should Bring you at least 1.500 plays and 100 downloads :)

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How To Get Soundcloud Play's For Free;
STAT'S show play's from your country !!!

Here I will try to explain you on how to utilize your soundcloud more play's !!!

1. GO TO YOUR profil, and click share on track, copy link !
2. GO TO YOUR BLOG, click on New Post Button.
3. Paste link; you have noticed that I'w put "#play" at the end of the link, that makes track play automaticly when you land on this post, TRY IT. Publish Post, and Click Preview..
1. GO TO iMacros Plugin and install it on your browser !

2. Open your iMacros and, go to Your Post, where you put link of your track with "#play" ;
3. Hit the RECORD BUTTON, on iMacros once you'w opened your post, click on REFRESH PAGE button or CTRL+R and stop recording.

 4. NOW, you have successfully recorded your automatization :)
PLAY IT ASS MUCH AS YOU WANT, this will generate all the traffic you ever wanted, until the end of your natural Life !!!

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